All services available Face2Face and virtually

The Power of Story

A business presentation masterclass on how to take bored out of the boardroom

For all levels 

Applying storytelling techniques in group coaching

- Leadership

- Inclusion

- Teamwork

For all levels

Theatre and on-site performances

- Edutainment 

Entertainment with a message 

For children aged 4 to 104

- Entertainment

Corporate functions: Entertainment at functions such as year end parties and product launches

Private functions: Entertainment at functions such as anniversary an birthday parties)

For children aged 4 to 104

A virtual tour of sunny South Africa

A multimedia presentation of the 9 different indigenous groups in SA. In SA we have have different cultures, dress and 9 languages with almost 100 dialects. Tour South Africa from the comfort of your chair with the aid of pictures and video footage of the different cultures and dances.

Solo performances and collaborations

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